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The UL Backpacker Knit Hat is just like it's cousin, the Chunky Knit Camper Hat. However, the UL Backpacker is designed to be UL (ultralight) and easy to take with you into the back country (or anywhere!). It is less bulky, making storing and carrying it easier, but it's just as warm and soft. After a long day of hiking or traveling or being outdoors, this hat is the perfect beanie. Designed by Mark, the UL Backpacker features a brimless brim (?!) that fits comfortably around your head, and a perfect seamless four corner decrease so that the hat is snug but not too tight. It snows most months here in Montana, so we love wearing these hats all year-round because they are comfortable against our skin, and they keep us warm when the weather turns suddenly (as it's known to do). The Earth-toned colors we use make us think of our beloved forests, and the smooth texture makes us want to keep these hats on our heads as soon as we feel the slightest chill in the air. You will too!

HOW TO ORDER: Pick any two colors- one for the brim and one for the top.

COLORS: Aran, Black, Chocolate, Claret, Dark Charcoal, Deep Forest, Fern, Golden Beige, Grape Punch, Grass, Kelly Green, Navy Blue, Pale Grey, Pumpkin, Putty, Red Hot, Teal, Thunder, True Grey, White

*Examples Shown: Black & True Grey and Deep Forest & Golden Beige*


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