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The Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative, located in the heart of Teton County, Wyoming and near to Grand Teton National Park, believes that our environment is worth protecting, and that everyone can make a difference to keep our ecosystem healthy and thriving into the future. Through research, advocacy, education, and art, they empower individuals and communities to make change happen for good. Hannah is a Research Associate for NRCC, and both she and Mark are committed to advancing NRCC's legacy. To honor their work and mission, Mark designed this beautiful custom hat pattern, inspired by the beautiful photography of the Grand Teton mountain range, taken by NRCC's Photographer in Residence, Becky Turner.

For every NRCC Grand Teton Knit Hat sold, we have committed to give 12% of the proceeds back to NRCC to support their work. We believe in supporting our local community organizations as much as possible, and we couldn't be more appreciative of NRCC. Your order goes towards a great cause, and you get to be stylish and warm in the process! Buy one (or ten!) and support the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative.

COLOR: The colors of this handknit hat are designed to reflect the beautiful colors of Teton Valley, Wyoming, and nearby Grand Teton National Park.


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