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Just like our OG Bestseller, the Knit Camping Hat II is soft, warm, and made with a delicious worsted weight wool blend. We think it's cozy and perfect for putting on by the campfire after a long day of playing in the woods. Mark designed this hat to help us stay insulated, because the temperature drops quickly here in Montana when the sun goes down- even in July! We love wearing these hats while camping or playing out in the snow because they are comfortable against our skin, and we love making them for people like you even more. The Earth-toned colors we use make us think of our beloved forests, and the smooth texture makes us want to keep these hats on our heads as soon as we feel the slightest chill in the air. You will too! We recently added a pair of matching wool mittens, so be sure to check those out as well so you have warm hands AND a warm noggin.
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OatmealBrim KaleBody
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Oatmeal Brim & Body

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